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Business & Regulatory Advisory Services
Бизнес и Регулаторни Консултантски Услуги
               Regulatory services

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Pricing and tariff design
  • Establishing a regulatory framework for setting prices;
  • Tariff and regulations;
  • Development of the cost allocation on functional levels, cost allocation
    on customer groups and design on customer groups and type of services;
  • Development of tariff applications.

    Monitoring License
  • Clarification of licensing operations;
  • Licensing reports and analysis;
  • Non-discriminatory procedures, reporting and implementation;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the EU and complaint reviews.

    Uniform system of accounting (USoA)
  • Development of guidelines for regulatory accounting practices and policies;
  • Drafting of individual chart of accounts;
  • Instructions for the regulation of individual chart of accounts;
  • Depreciation of tangible and intangible assets;
  • Customer classification;
  • Cost allocations;
  • Annual regulatory reporting forms and instructions.

    Business Planning
  • Vision and Mission for development;
  • Corporate goals and corporate strategy (SWOT analysis);
  • Corporate performance indicators;
  • Objectives in support of all corporate performance indicators;
  • Development of the threat at risk program, making the forecast scenario analysis;
  • Draft annual investment programs;
  • O & M estimates;
  • Risk identification, risk assessment programs for risk management;
  • Detailed implementation plan.

    Optimization of organizational structures
  • Best international practices of similar licensees;
  • Effective workflow generated by re-engineering and TQM;
  • Focus on customer service;
  • Empowerment and reduction of administrative barriers;
  • Outsourcing alternatives;
  • Automation of processes.

    Assets valuation
  • Determining the economic value:
  • Using the value of the assets held by the method of accumulation of assets and
    capitalization of the method of superprofit;
  • Comparing it with historical sales, including such companies on the basis of
    the comparative method to deal with publicly traded companies and market approach method;
  • As a function of economic benefit by applying the method of discounted cash flows,
    capitalization of income method or the method of multiple operating profit.