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Business & Regulatory Advisory Services
Бизнес и Регулаторни Консултантски Услуги
               Investment services

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Business Planning
  • Strategic position of the business;
  • Potential to generate free cash flow;
  • Net assets value;
  • Turnover of invested capital;
  • Return on equity.

    Investment advice
    Identification of potential targets for acquisition, evaluation of legal
    and regulatory framework, business valuations, offer preparation, project financing,
    coordinate the activities in mergers and acquisitions, support during the negotiations.

    Investment Analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Market research and analysis;
  • Projection of cash flows;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Evaluation of profitability;
  • Choosing the best alternative.

    Feasibility studies and due diligence
  • Assessing the economic viability of projects and financial position and
    liquidity of the Bulgarian companies, including: an analysis of the concept,
    scope of the project, investment objectives and strategy;
  • Benchmarking approach for the identification and assessment of
    technical parameters, investment costs and location of the project;
  • Classification and evaluation of key success factors.

    Market Analysis
    Based on continuity in the development phases: Planning - Implementation - control,
    resulting in integrated marketing plans, programs and corporate marketing budgets.
    The aim is to ensure the success of our customers with the results of the analysis:
  • Marketing program;
  • Organizational structure;
  • Marketing Information System;
  • Marketing budget.